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Plastic free Beauty & Care routine

Mis à jour : 12 févr. 2019

My bathroom plastic free and natural products

You now have started your sustainable and plastic free journey with the three quick wins from my previous post, i.e. reusable grocery bag, reusable bottle and stainless still or bamboo straw.

What to tackle next? In my opinion, you can make a big difference by looking at your bathroom products. Quickly (and sadly) you will notice that plastic is everywhere. It seems that most of the beauty & care industry don't care at all about the environment (be it in terms of packaging, micro plastic and/or nasty ingredients). Nevertheless, some brands are changing the rules and by supporting them, customers can make their voices heard. That's a great news! So where do we start? In Switzerland, we don't have as many plastic free alternatives as in the UK or in the nordic countries but there is lot we can do.

Hair routine: Personally, I love the Lush Godiva solid shampoo, which smells amazing and does a lot of foam (I know it doesn't mean it works better, but I prefer it over "drier" solid shampoo).

Regarding my conditioner, I recommend the lavender and rose conditioner from Wild Sage & co. It contains only natural ingredients, is vegan and full of organic brocoli oil. You only need a small amount of product and it repairs your hair, leaving them beautiful. It comes in a glass bottle with an aluminium cap, so you can recycle everything!

Face routine: To remove my make-up, I use the 9-to-5 make-up remover from Lush. It

smells wonderful (ylang-ylang) and you can recycle Lush plastic containers by bringing them back to their stores! If you bring 5 containers back, you even get a solid product as a reward. I use the make-up remover with my favorite Marley's Monster facial pads. I love their lemon vintage print and their softness (organic cotton). After I used them, I put they in a special net bag and put it directly in the washing machine!

To wash my face, I use the superfood antioxidant face wash from Youth to the People. It contains kale, green tea, spinach and vitamins and does a great job without drying my face. Its formule has no nasties (no Sulfates SLS and SLES, no parabens, no formaldehydes, no mineral oil, etc.) and comes in a glass bottle (although unfortunately the pump is in plastic).

To moisturize my face, I have just discovered the great face cream from Basic. It's a Swiss brand, produced in Lausanne. They offer zero-waste creams and deo. The face cream contains only natural ingredients (e.g. jojoba oil and aloe vera) and smells wonderful thanks to the ylang-ylang essentials oil. It leaves my combination skin moisturizes and mattyfied.

Mouth care: I love my bamboo toothbrush from Liebwerk! Plastic free, the bamboo brush is compostable! For my toothpaste and mouth wash, I use the Georganics products from the UK. They are 100% natural , with non-toxic and vegan ingredients. My favorite toothpaste smells tea tree because I don't like a too strong peppermint taste. As a mouthwash, I use their mouthwash tablets: put them in 20ml water and wait until it dissolves. Then use it as a traditional mouthwash. It's very convenient for travelling!

Let's not forget about the lips! To moisturize them, especially in the cold winter, I love the Basic lip balsam, cinnamon flavor. It's smells wonderful and works great! moreover, the packaging is very cute and of course, plastic free!

Body: Last but not least, the body routine! Solid soap is a basic and easy to find everywhere. I personally really like the Wild Sage & co. cinnamon soap (yes, cinnamon again ;) , it's made of natural ingredients and is vegan. I'm still looking for a good plastic free body lotion but since I didn't find one so far, I made it myself! With lots of almond oil and cacao butter, I can share the recipe with you if your'e interested.

I'm the proud-owner of a safety razor from Leafshave, a very flexible and beautifully designed razor. It was expensive but it's a one time investment and it will last forever. No more plastic razor thrown away!

Last but not least, my current favorite deo is from Earth conscious. It simply works perfectly and smells good! I alternate between pure and jasmine & rose flavor. It comes in a carton stick shape or in a aluminium tin.

Voilà, I have shared with you my plastic free and sustainable beauty & care routine. As you can see, there are plenty of alternatives. You can find some of the nice brands I use in my e-shop, because I offer only products that I have tested and approved 120%! For the others, Lush, is a good address. In Switzerland, chez Mamie is also a great store to check.

Good luck with your plastic free transition and don't hesitate to write to me if you have any questions or comments!

Stay green!

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